Staff Reflections and Observations
Improvement in teaching and learning can only be achieved if greater understanding of the process is developed and staff reflect critically on their lessons and the strengths and weaknesses of themselves as teachers as well as those of their students as learners.

The EnCompass system encourages staff to use Task Frames as a tool to promote reflection. This can be undertaken by individuals or as part of the standard monitoring and evaluation procedures already in place within the school. Due to its simplicity and homogeneity of approach across activities, the Task Frame is a simple and effective device that can be introduced with minimum fuss and effort once the initial staff training has taken place.

In order to protect the Intellectual Property and copyright of AST and our publishers, we are currently unable to publish explicit examples of the full EnCompass system on this website. Please use the above schematic to familiarise yourself with the overall premise. For further details and a demonstration of the EnCompass Learning System, please contact or use this form.