Student Learning Profiles
The Student Profile is the key to the success of EnCompass. Each student taking part in the audit receives a personalised printout detailing his or her preferred learning styles. The profiles are a colourful, visual reminder to students and staff that a range of tasks and stimuli are needed for the most effective teaching and learning to take place. As well as suggesting the student's strongest style, the profile helps to diagnose areas for improvement so that the learner can develop in a more rounded and complete manner.

The central section of the profile presents the results of the student's EnCompasss Questionnaire within the familiar shape of a compass, with four sectors representing the main EnCompass Learning Directions. By comparing the profile to an EnCompass Task Frame, both the teacher and student can quickly and painlessly decide upon appropriate tasks and stimuli for the student. By keeping an overview of the group's profiles, the teacher can, where appropriate, adapt lessons to favour the dominant learning styles of the group.

In addition, the profile can detail other important information such as KeyStage results and/or targets, so that data can be held in a single format and is easily accessible to both students and staff.

As well as helping promote preferred learning styles, the EnCompass profile provides additional information to help staff produce "developmental" lessons, aimed at improving weaker skills or areas amongst the students. By focusing on a more varied diet of lesson activities, students become more confident and enthusiastic about their work and staff frequently report better motivation and behaviour.

In order to protect the Intellectual Property and copyright of AST and our publishers, we are currently unable to publish explicit examples of the full EnCompass system on this website. Please use the above schematic to familiarise yourself with the overall premise. For further details and a demonstration of the EnCompass Learning System, please contact or use this form.