Teaching and Learning Task Frames
The EnCompass system is designed to be as efficient as possible with staff time and workload, with great focus placed on the students developing a greater responsibility for and knowledge of their own learning styles. However, Teaching and Learning is a two-way process, so there comes a time when staff are required to make an input if the system is to work to its full potential. Fortunately, the EnCompass system exploits a simple, visual Task Frame to audit and develop subject-level responses to the student profiles. Typically, a half-term scheme of work can be mapped in 15-20 minutes, so auditing can be integrated seamlessly into the normal cycle of updating and developing schemes of work.

As part of the staff training that underlies the system, departments are encouraged to audit the range of tasks that commonly occur within their lessons. By mapping these activities onto the Task Frame (which mirrors the compass sectors used in the student profiles), departments can quickly and efficiently build up an overall picture of their provision in comparison to the preferred learning styles of the students. Crucially, by comparing these department profiles to the group ones generated as part of the EnCompass Report, staff can very easily idenitify strengths and weaknesses in their repertoire of teaching and learning strategies and therefore begin discussions on how to offer a broader range of tasks suited to their students.

Often, staff develop patterns in their teaching, where tried and trusted methods are favoured over experimentation. The Task Frame encourages staff to share their regular work practices with colleagues and to consider incorporating aspects from their colleagues work into their own. Many departments are surprised at the breadth and diversity of teaching and learning activities that already take place within their subject area and are keen to trial different techniques if they are able to adapt a colleague's previous efforts. By sharing examples of Task Frames across departments, staff can develop a much greater cross-curricular appreciation of learning styles and generate new ideas for use within their own lessons. By utilising the simple, visual Task Frame, the administrative burden of the department audit is minimised, freeing staff time for more effective aspects of development.

In order to protect the Intellectual Property and copyright of AST and our publishers, we are currently unable to publish explicit examples of the full EnCompass system on this website. Please use the above schematic to familiarise yourself with the overall premise. For further details and a demonstration of the EnCompass Learning System, please contact or use this form.