EnCompass Database
The Database is at the very heart of the EnCompass System. All of the information gathered from the Audit is recorded along with any other baseline data provided by the school. At a bare minimum, the database helps track each student's preferred learning style as one of the four EnCompass Learning Directions as well as VAK-style data. If provided by the school, the database can also store KeyStage results and targets, CATs information, SEN and GaT data. All of this information can then be added to the Student Profiles if desired.

Additionally, the database can store gender, ethnicity, FSM and other grouping or target-setting information. As part of the full EnCompass service, AST provide a detailed Report based upon the information recorded in the database. A simplified version of the database itself can be provided to the school in CSV (comma separated value) format, which can be loaded into any spreadsheet or database programme.

In order to protect the Intellectual Property and copyright of AST and our publishers, we are currently unable to publish explicit examples of the full EnCompass system on this website. Please use the above schematic to familiarise yourself with the overall premise. For further details and a demonstration of the EnCompass Learning System, please contact encompass@ast-workshops.co.uk or use this form.