Learning Styles Audit
The Learning Styles Audit is the key to the success of the EnCompass system. Each student completes an in-depth questionnaire to ascertain his or her preferred learning style. Questions are worded in a clear and simple style and cover real-world activities as well as typical classroom based tasks. The questionnaire is designed to differentiate between the four EnCompass Learning Directions, but is also able to distinguish a VAK (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) style preference.

The questionnaires typically take between 20 and 30 minutes to complete and are usually administerd by form tutors during an appropriate lesson. A CD is available to assist students who favour auditory input. AST is currently developing a web-based version of the questionnaire which should be available from January 2005.

The completed questionnaires are mailed to AST, where they are checked before being added to the school's EnCompass Database.

In order to protect the Intellectual Property and copyright of AST and our publishers, we are currently unable to publish explicit examples of the full EnCompass system on this website. Please use the above schematic to familiarise yourself with the overall premise. For further details and a demonstration of the EnCompass Learning System, please contact encompass@ast-workshops.co.uk or use this form.