About AST

AST specialises in providing individually tailored learning activities and training for students and staff in secondary schools across the UK.

We offer schools a number of products designed to raise achievement, promote independent learning and motivate students of all ages. All of our products are delivered following extensive consultation to provide maximum impact for each school and are competitively priced, offering outstanding value for money.

Please feel free to enquire about any of our products or to talk to us about your training needs and ideas for student workshops.

Student Workshops
AST has been delivering a wide range of high quality workshops to students across the UK since 1995. Everything from study skills, through KeyStage 3 Strategy sessions, to subject specific activities can be covered and our portfolio of exciting workshops is constantly expanded and refined. Our staff are experienced in delivering to the full range of students, including under-achievers and the Gifted and Talented.

Mobile ICT Workshops
Ideal for staff who can never get into their oversubscribed ICT rooms in school. Based upon our popular workshop schemes, we provide a fully interactive workshop experience combining your subject with the use of ICT skills. You provide the venue, we provide the interactive whiteboard, student laptops and everything else for a truly unique educational experience.

This website was produced with the help of students taking part in one of our MICT Workshops.

The EnCompass Learning Profile System
A unique visual system that enables schools to audit students' preferred learning styles and to develop and implement effective Teaching and Learning programmes.

Staff Training
Join us at one of our regional training events or let us satisfy your school INSET needs. We specialise in Teaching and Learning, Preferred Learning Styles, KeyStage 3 Strategy (all strands) and education for the Gifted and Talented student.

If you have any enquiries about this site, mail info@ast-workshops.co.uk